Horse riding school Brno

The horse riding school Podskalní mlýn offers courses as well as a one-time experience of riding of a pony or a high horse. Both regular riding and from-time-to-time visits provide you and your children with precious moments spend in the nature and with animals. In many respects, horse riding as such is very beneficial. Consider the fresh air, physical activity, rehabilitation, unforgettable memories and building of a relationship with such beautiful creatures that horses are.

For more experienced riders, we offer jump training or dressage training, with the possible preparation for Basic Horse Care and Riding Exam.

Our students will learn how to take care of a horse, how to clean them, how to put on a bridle and saddle, what to feed him and the general proper care. Children will develop a sense of responsibility for others and will understand that a horse is an animal which makes it dependant on people’s care. The horse awaits us and expect us to take care of it every day as it cannot do it itself. However, it keeps paying us back with its love…

Our horses are very nice and well-trained which makes them perfect for training of children and adults. We offer professional trainings led by qualified trainers, who are excited to pass on the maximum of their knowledge and experience to you and who would answer any of your questions with a lovely smile.

The training is done as an individual session of one rider, one horse and one trainer. Thanks to this, the student can be sure that the trainer pays 100% attention only to him.

Why our Horse riding school?


The horse riding school Podskalní mlýn functions under the patronage of Lucie Urbanová (Soustružníková), a double Czech champion in dressage and a recipient of many equestrian awards, who supervises all the trainings. Therefore, you can be sure that you or your children are provided with a truly professional and individual approach.

Unscheduled horse riding for children is possible, but only in groups of three children in one training session.

What if the weather goes bad? That is no problem for us, because not even rain is an obstacle for horse riding at our site. The trainings can take place in an indoor lit hall, which also allow us to lead the trainings during winter and thus satisfy our customers.

It is possible to go horse riding to the surrounding nature and enjoy the most beautiful view of the world, which is from the horse’s back. You will experience unforgettable moments passing thought the green forests and our horses will be the best guides for you through the nature park of Bobrava.

We also offer vouchers – a great gift for any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or simply to surprise your loved ones.

The activity of PM Brno is financially supported by Statutory city of Brno.


Single training: 500 CZK
Pony riding 30 mins: 300 CZK
Horse riding 30 mins: 350 CZK
More information and reservations on +420 725 742 828

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